Group of UNCMC College Volunteers with Ramsie Undergraduate Volunteers

UNC Medical Center - Chapel Hill is proud to work with hundreds of undergraduate students each year who devote their time to helping our patients, families, and staff. Our goal is to offer meaningful and educational opportunities for college students while meeting the needs of our clinical departments. Volunteer placements are available for undergraduates throughout all of the Medical Center campus hospitals.

Requirements and Application Process

Undergraduate Volunteers may apply during the designated application period prior to the start of each academic semester. All undergraduates must be able to commit to volunteering once weekly for two consecutive semesters out of three academic semesters each year (Fall, Spring, Both Summer Sessions). 1st year freshmen are NOT eligible to apply.


Applications will be accepted from July 1st - Aug. 5th. However, if we receive more applications than we are able to accommodate, then we may need to close the application link earlier. 

Compliance Test is due to Volunteer Services by 11:59pm on Aug. 11th

Undergraduate Volunteer Orientation will be Aug. 19th and 22nd
(4:30pm - 6:30pm). Must attend ONE of these orientation sessions.

Interviews will be between Aug. 26th - Sept. 6th

Fall 2019 Start Date for NEW Undergraduate Volunteers is Sept. 9th

Steps to Apply and Attend Orientation:

  1. Submit undergraduate application for Fall 2019 volunteering. Check out our Opportunities List prior to completing application.
  2. Review your Immunization Records and make arrangements to receive any additional vaccines or TB testing you may need. This checklist lists all of the vaccines that are required to volunteer. Alternatively, you may have your medical provider complete this form as proof of vaccination. All of these vaccination requirements must be complete no later than Aug. 26th. Please plan accordingly. Immunization Records should be brought with you to your interview. DO NOT EMAIL Immunization Records.
  3. Prior to registering for orientation, you will need to complete our online compliance module. The link for the test will be provided immediately after you apply in your confirmation email as well as by your volunteer coordinator. Additionally, you will need to complete the background screening($15). Background screening links will be provided to you by your volunteer coordinator.
  4. Forward your compliance test confirmation email to your volunteer coordinator. You will then be given information to register for orientation at the Medical Center in Chapel Hill.
  5. Attend orientation.
  6. After orientation you will receive information to schedule a follow up appointment with your coordinator. All appointments will be held between 08/26-09/06. At this appointment, you will turn in completed immunization records, receive your placement, and get your uniform/ID badge.
  7. Start Volunteering!

Required Time Commitment

Applicants must be able to maintain a regular schedule consisting of at least one 2-3 hour shift per week. Undergraduate volunteers commit to a minimum of 2 Semesters AND 50 hours of volunteering. If you are not available to volunteer consistently for the time frame described above, we ask that you not apply until you are available to fulfill this commitment.

Apply Today

We have reached our maximum number of applicants that we can accommodate at this time. Please check back in December to apply to volunteer with us starting in the spring semester. 

Immunization Requirements

Checklist     OR

Physician Verification Form