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Hillsborough Hospital is a new facility serving as an extension of UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill. We offer the same cutting edge patient care in a smaller, community centered environment. Numerous volunteer opportunities are offered at the Hillsborough Campus for Community, Undergraduate and High School Volunteers. For more information on how to become a High School Volunteer please check out our High School page. Come join our Hillsborough Team and make a difference in the care and experience our patients' receive.

Requirements and Application Process

Please review the following requirements for our Hillsborough Hospital Community and Undergraduate Volunteers. Please note:  Undergraduates may apply to volunteer at Hillsborough at any time during the year.
Application Process:

  1. Complete the Hillsborough Hospital online application.  Check out our opportunities list prior to turning in your application and see all the unique positions our volunteers' hold.
  2. Once your application has been submitted, complete the online compliance module.
  3. Attend an in-person orientation session. These are held monthly at Hillsborough Hospital.
  4. Complete immunization requirements given at orientation.  Community Volunteers will receive all necessary immunizations except their first TB test through our Occupational Health Services (OHS).  UNC students use their own provider or Campus Health.
  5. Turn in all required paperwork and discuss your volunteer placement with your volunteer coordinator at an in-person interview.

Required Time Commitment

Applicants must be able to commit to volunteering on a weekly basis for 2-4 hours each week for a minimum of 6 months and 40 hours of volunteering. If you are not available to volunteer for the next six months, we ask that you hold your application until you are available to fulfill this commitment.

When You'll Hear Back

An email will be sent immediately confirming receipt of your application. This email will provide the link to the compliance module you must complete prior to an in-person orientation. After the module is completed and emailed to your coordinator, you will be invited to the next in-person orientation.


Please contact our Hillsborough Volunteer Coordinator, Jodie Skoff, for more information.  

Apply Today

Please complete our Hillsborough Hospital volunteer application here.