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Hillsborough Hospital is a beautiful facility which serves as an extension of the UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill. We offer the same cutting edge patient care in a smaller, community centered environment. Numerous volunteer opportunities are offered at the Hillsborough Campus for Community, Undergraduate and High School Volunteers. For more information on how to become a High School Volunteer please check out our High School page. Come join our Hillsborough Team and make a difference in the care and experience our patients' receive.

Requirements and Application Process

Our Undergraduate program is currently closed to new applicants for the semester, and unfortunately we are unable to open up our program to Community volunteers at this time.  Please continue to check the website for updates.

Volunteer requirements for the onboarding process include the following:

-Fill out volunteer application (box on right).

-Background check ($15)

-Up-to-date immunizations including the COVID-19 vaccine and TB test. Volunteers are responsible for obtaining any required immunizations. This Checklist indicates all of the vaccines that are required to volunteer. They are different than vaccines that are required for college. Alternatively, you may have your medical provider complete the Physician Verification Form as proof of vaccination. All of these vaccination requirements MUST be completed before your interview date and turned in at your interview. You may receive vaccines at Campus Health, your doctor's office, LabCorp or Minute Clinic.

-Complete required orientation and compliance modules

-Have a placement interview with a Volunteer Coordinator

Required Time Commitment

Applicants must be able to maintain a regular volunteer schedule consisting of at least one 2-4 hour shift per week. Undergraduate volunteers commit to a minimum of 2 Semesters AND 50 hours of volunteering (25 Hours each semester).  Community volunteers commit to 6 months and 50 hours.  If you are currently job seeking, we ask that you become established in your employment first so that you are able to commit to a weekly volunteer schedule.


Please contact our Hillsborough Volunteer Coordinator, Jodie Skoff, for more information.

Apply Today

We are no longer accepting Undergraduate applications for the semester.

Unfortunately, we need to delay the Community application process at this time. 

Please check this website for details in the future.

Thank you!

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Contact Information

Volunteer Coordinator: Jodie Skoff