Educational Modules and Tests

New/Potential Volunteers, please review the following:

How to Take the Online Volunteer Orientation and Compliance Modules:

Online Volunteer Orientation: Please make sure you click on the "Orientation Acknowledgement" at the end of the power point to record your participation.

Compliance Modules:

  1. Please use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to complete the module
  2. If you are using a MAC, please use Firefox, as Safari causes known errors
  3. Do not take these modules on a cellphone or tablet
  4. Clicking too quickly through the module can cause the module to freeze up

*All Volunteers- At the end of the modules, make sure that you click on the picture on the left with the woman wearing the "VOLUNTEER" t-shirt to submit your information.

Useful Document for your Volunteer Journey

Contact Us

Please Email your questions to Volunteer Services.

Volunteer Stories

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    Volunteering and helping people gives me great courage. It has helped me so much. I have become addicted to it, knowing that some days my mere presence can change someone’s perception of their own problems. I have discovered that I still have a lot to give.

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