Current Volunteers

We appreciate all of our hard-working and caring volunteers at UNC Medical Center. Please visit the links below to find important information for current volunteers.

Recording Volunteer Hours

All volunteers working at Chapel Hill or Hillsborough Hospital must sign in and out at one of the kiosks (which are located in the Volunteer Services office, the Memorial Hospital and Cancer Hospital Info Desks, and the Hillsborough Hospital workroom). All volunteers may view and print their hours in the “My History” tab on the web kiosk sign-in at Volunteer Services in Memorial or Hillsborough Hospitals.

If you volunteer somewhere other than Chapel Hill or Hillsborough Hospital, or you were unable to clock in and out at a kiosk, volunteers may submit their hours using the online submission form within 24 hours of their scheduled shift.

Office Locations and Contact Information

The Volunteer Services office in Chapel Hill is located on the ground floor of NC Memorial Hospital, behind the escalators and dental clinic. You may ask the Information Desk for additional directions. The Volunteer Services office in Hillsborough is located on the ground floor around the corner from the Chapel through the Volunteer Workroom.

Holidays or Days of Inclement Weather

You are not expected to volunteer during the holidays or in the case of inclement weather, however, we welcome any of our volunteers to continue working during those times if they wish to do so and are able to walk to the hospital to help out when they can.

Submit Your Hours

 If you volunteer off-site or there is an issue with logging in your hours at a Volunteer Services kiosk or, you may submit your hours online.

Contact Information


Phone: (984) 974-4793

Volunteer Stories

  • Volunteer Eric Want

    Eric Wang volunteers at UNC to gain invaluable experience on what it means to be a member of the healthcare system. He says “There is both personal fulfillment and patient satisfaction in volunteering, seen in the smiles I give and receive along the way. In other words, it's my pleasure!”

  • UNC Tar Heel Paws Pet Dog

    Meet Maggie May, a soulful rescue dog who co-volunteers with Garry Lipson. Maggie began volunteering at UNC when she was two. From the beginning of her first assignment in the Children’s Hospital, she seemed to know her job. 

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  • Volunteer

    Why I Volunteer: By Angelina Gayle - Ronald McDonald House Volunteer

    I want to touch the lives of as many people as I can through volunteering. I encourage everyone to volunteer and impact the life of another as well as make a difference one day at a time, one person at a time.

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