UNC Hospitals School of Nuclear Medicine Technology and Molecular Imaging Radiology

The UNC Hospitals School of Nuclear Medicine Technology is a one-year, educational program in the theory and practical application of Nuclear Medicine Technology. Students completing the program will earn a certificate qualifying them to take one or both of the national certification boards in Nuclear Medicine Technology.

What is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear Medicine has been around for more than 75 years, but modern nuclear medicine really started in the 1950’s with the advent of the gamma camera and has blossomed as computer technology has improved.

Nuclear medicine as a therapeutic and imaging specialty provides physicians with a safe noninvasive way to treat disease and gather information on a patient’s disease state. Nuclear medicine or molecular imaging, with the use of a radiotracer that selectively targets an organ system, enables physicians to personalize patient care, often catching disease in its earliest stages.

The nuclear medicine technologist typically injects radiotracers and images patients with a gamma camera or another hybrid imaging modality such as SPECT/CT , PET/CT or PET/MRI. This highly technical medical specialty allows technologists to work alongside physicians and work with cutting edge technology while also providing quality patient care.

With over 18 million procedures performed each year in the United States alone, Nuclear Medicine has been and will continue to be a powerful diagnostic and therapeutic modality.

Why Enroll?

  • UNC Hospitals has five gamma cameras, two SPECT/CT cameras and two PET/CT scanners with exposure to one of only ten PET/MRI suites in the country.

  • UNC Hospitals is staffed with 14 certified technologists, nuclear medicine physicians, a nuclear physicist and a radiopharmacist whose primary focus is education.

  • The entire program is tuition free, the only costs are books, uniforms, and health insurance (student provided).
  • The program is one year in length with no commitment to work beyond program completion.
  • Access to procedures only performed at a nationally recognized research institution.
  • CT training is also available post graduation to interested individuals.
  • The program is fully accredited by the Joint Review Committee for Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology (JRCNMT) located at 2000 W. Danforth Rd., Suite 130 #203, Edmond, OK or

Qualifications & Requirements

In order to be eligible for admission into the UNC Hospitals School of Nuclear Medicine Technology and Molecular Imaging, you must meet the following requirements:

1) Possess an associate’s degree from an institution accredited by one of the six major accrediting bodies in the United States as approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Associates degree must be in a healthcare related field such as: Imaging Sciences, Respiratory Occupational or Physical Therapy or Nursing.


2) Possess a baccalaureate degree in a natural or physical science from an institution accredited by one of the six major accrediting bodies in the United States as approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Degree must be earned from a college or university within the United States. No credit is implied or given for advanced placement, professional certification or prior work experience.


Have completed the following post-secondary prerequisite courses: Chemistry with Laboratory, Human Anatomy and Physiology (two courses, each with Laboratory), College Algebra (or mathematical equivalent), Physics, Written Communication, and Medical Terminology. Credit is given for courses graded a “C” or better.

Application and Reference Forms

Please mail all application materials directly to Brian McLamb, 183 Kandypoo Drive, Four Oaks, NC 27524. The university mail is running VERY slow and I want to be able to receive all application materials in time. 

Graduate Achievement

Graduate achievement data is an indicator of program effectiveness, demonstrating the extent to which a program achieves its goals.  The current report on graduate achievement data, identified by program, is available on the JRCNMT website by clicking on the following link: 

Graduate Achievement Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true there is no tuition?
Yes, it is true that we do not charge tuition.

What are the costs of the program?

Each student is required to buy their own books, uniforms, health insurance and provide their own housing. Students who complete the program are also eligible to take the ARRT and NMTCB certification examinations.
SNM Membership - Free
Books - $600.00
Certification Exam - ARRT $200.00 / NMTCB $175.00
Health Insurance - Variable
Uniforms - $150 - $300.00 depending on style

Does the University provide housing and food?
No, the program is owned and operated by the hospital and has no affiliation to the University. Each student is responsible for their own housing and food while they are enrolled in the school.

How do I get to and from campus?

You are encouraged to use Chapel Hill Transit or Triangle Transit to get to and from campus. The university manages parking on campus and they do not offer permits to the program's students.

Chapel Hill Transit

Triangle Transit

Can I take any of the courses part-time or on-line?
No, the program is an inclusive, thirty-five hour per week experience that must be completed from start to finish in its entirety.

Do I get paid for my clinical time in the program?
No, the clinical time is part of your training in the program and is a requirement for graduation and qualification for taking the certification exams.

What certification boards will I be qualified to take?
Upon completion of the program you will be eligible to take the NMTCB (Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board). If you complete all of the necessary competencies during your clinical training, you will also be eligible to take the ARRT certification test. For more information on the exams, please visit, or

When does the program begin and end?
Classes begin either the first week of September or the last week of August (depending on the year), and run until the end of the following August.

How to enroll

Submit a complete application along with three completed reference forms and all transcripts to be considered for admission. Application deadline is March 1. To learn more about the program call 984-974-8800.