2019 Graduate

Caitlin Smith

  • Initial/Current Employment:Adult General Internal Medicine Clinical Pharmacist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
  • Relevant Publications: Evaluating the impact of a pharmacist-led intervention in the acute care setting to deprescribe proton pump inhibitors

2018 Graduate

Lauren Bode

  • Initial/Current Employment: Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Colchester, VT, practicing at Milton Family Practice
  • Relevant Publications: Analysis of iron deficiency and efficacy of iron therapy in heart failure patients supported with left ventricular assist devices

2017 Graduate

Erika Lambert

  • Initial/Current Employment: Emory University Hospital Midtown - Clinical Pharmacist, Internal Medicine
  • Relevant Publications: Implementation and evaluation of a pharmacist-led electronic visit program for diabetes and anticoagulation care in a patient-centered medical home

2015 Graduate

Andrew Lipshutz

  • Initial/Current Employment: Mount Carmel West - Patient Care Pharmacist

2014 Graduate

Jennifer Smith

  • Initial/Current Employment:Philadelphia College of Pharmacy - Faculty
  • Relevant Publications: Accountable Care in Transitions (ACTion): Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Care Transitions Program at University of North Carolina Family Medicine Center

2013 Graduates

Lauren Samford

  • Initial/Current Employment: Mission Word Abroad

Suzanne Francart

  • Initial Employment: UNC Healthcare - Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner, Rheumatology Clinic
  • Current Employment:Assistant Director Medication Assistance Program & Pharmacy Revenue Integrity
  • Relevant Publications: A Prospective Pharmacodynamic Study Evaluating Peak and Trough Coagulation Test Results in Patients on Therapeutic Doses of Rivaroxaban

2012 Graduate

Emily Hawes 

  • Initial/Current Employment: UNC Healthcare - Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner,Family Medicine Clinic
  • Relevant Publications: Impact of an Outpatient Pharmacist Intervention on Medication Discrepancies and Health Care Resource Utilization in Posthospitalization Care Transitions

2011 Graduate

Jasmine Jennings

  • Initial/Current Employment: Greenville Health Systems - Clinical Specialist Pharmacist

2010 Graduate

Whitney Maxwell

  • Initial/Current Employment: South Carolina College of Pharmacy - Clinical Associate Professor

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Kamakshi Rao, PharmD, BCOP, CPP, FASHP
Assistant Director, Academic Enterprises and Research Programs