PGY2 Pharmacy Informatics


The purpose of the PGY2 in Pharmacy Informatics will be to create a resident capable of improving the medication use process to support optimal medication therapy outcomes. The graduate will be fluent in information technology language and concepts in order to interact successfully with interdisciplinary team members. The resident will be an integral member of the Pharmacy Informatics Team, Willow Team, Beacon Team, and UNC Hospitals and Clinics Residency Class.

For additional information, please contact:

Trinh Le

Trinh Le, MS, RPh, FASHP

Clinical Manager, Pharmacy Informatics
600 Eastowne Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Phone: (984) 974-3066Email:



Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Eastowne Campus

UNC Medical Center Campus

UNC Health Care Entities


1 year (PGY2 only)

1 month orientation (Medical Center and Pharmacy Informatics Team)

1 month Willow Orientation*

1 month research (December)

9 months Pharmacy Informatics rotations and projects

(5 required rotations, 1 clinical rotation, 3 electives)

Degree/certification opportunity

Proficiency in Epic Willow/Beacon modules; optional teaching certificate; optional leadership certificate

ASHP Accreditation



Trinh Le, MS, RPh, FASHP

Clinical Manager, Pharmacy Informatics

Ashley Pappas, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Manager, Medication Use Advancement

Drew Stivers, PharmD

Medication Safety Officer

Epic Willow Team – 12 Analysts

Epic Beacon Team – 8 Analysts

Longitudinal Responsibilities

Project management

One day per week of resolving production issues

Informatics projects

CDS expansion, IV Pump Device Integration, Health-system IV product standardization, Health-system formulary integration


Every third weekend and three weeks intermittently throughout year

  • Operational responsibilities in Central Inpatient Pharmacy/Sterile Products Area
  • Decentralized staffing clinical generalist roles
On-call pager responsibility

Clinical On-Call

Willow On-Call (2nd half of residency year at program director’s discretion)

Residency Program Director

Trinh Le, MS, RPh, FASHP

Clinical Manager, Pharmacy Informatics

600 Eastowne Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Phone: (984) 974-3066


Core Rotations
  1. Medical Center Orientation
  2. Computer Training
  3. Staffing Area Orientation
  4. Proficiency in Epic Willow
  1. Clinical Pharmacy Systems Management
  2. Clinical Decision Support I
  3. Clinical Rotation (Inpatient or Ambulatory)
  4. Data Management & Smart Pumps
  5. Medication Safety
  6. Technical Concepts
  1. Medication Use Advancement & Reporting
  2. System Alerts
  3. Automation & Technology
  4. Clinical Pharmacy Processes
  5. Medication Safety
  6. Clinical Decision Support II
  7. EHR/Vendor Relations
  8. Instructional Design
  9. Integration
  1. Residency Research Project
  2. Hospital Pharmacy Practice (staffing)
  3. Automation Project
  4. Project Management
  5. Continuing Education Presentation
  6. Case Conference Presentation
  7. Manuscript Preparation

*Elective Clinical Rotations Available


This residency program will not be participating in PhorCAS for the 2016-17 academic year. Please submit the following materials to the address listed below:

A complete application will have the following information:

Mail to:

Trinh Le, PharmD
Program Director, Pharmacy Informatics Residency
C/o Kamakshi Rao, Clinical Manager
101 Manning DriveCB#7600, Pharmacy Department
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Application Deadline is January 10, 2016.

For more information, contact:

Trinh Le, MS, RPh, FASHPTrinh Le
Clinical Manager, Pharmacy Informatics