PGY2 Health-System Medication-Use Management

This PGY-2 specialty residency training program in health-system medication use management is a one-year training program intended to provide the resident with practical experience with behind-the scenes management of the medication-use system with a specific focus on integrating clinical, safety, policy, informatics, and drug distribution systems to optimize drug therapy with the unique opportunity of incorporating a healthcare system focus.    

This specialized residency will provide an intensive core training experience in core aspects of drug information, drug policy, and medication safety while also incorporating aspects of informatics and administration.  Upon completion of this program, the resident will be prepared to enter a variety of potential career fields including Drug Information, Formulary Management, Medication Safety, and Medication Use Policy.

For more information contact:

Ashley Pappas, PharmD, MHA
Ashley PappasResidency Program Director, Health-System Medication Use Management
Assistant Director, Medication Use Policy and Analytics