Chris Falato, PharmD

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Clinical Manager - Pediatric Pharmacy

Residency Associated Title and Involvement



Undergraduate: None

School of Pharmacy:  Duquesne University

PGY1: Texas Children's Hospital

PGY2: None

Rotation Title

Pediatric Pharmacy Administration

Rotation Description:

The Pediatric Pharmacy is a unique opportunity to cover any and all of the aspects of pharmacy administration. We offer a full range of experiences that includes management of both operational and clinical issues. We have the opportunity to be able to demonstrate our strong relationships with the multidisciplinary leadership of the Children's Hospital, as well as the Clinical and Operational leaders of the Pharmacy department. It allows us to be flexible to the interests of the learner and provide first hand experience in the primary areas of interest potentially including:

- the culture of safety and how it impacts all aspects of pharmacy services and patient care
- financial responsibilities and inventory management
- team building skills in recruitment, mentoring, evaluating and leading professionals and technical support staff

The differences and challenges of pediatrics are also highlighted throughout these experiences.

For more information contact:

Kamakshi Rao

Kamakshi Rao, PharmD, BCOP, CPP, FASHP
Assistant Director for Education, Research, and Practice Training