Visiting Residents

If you are interested in becoming a visiting resident at UNC, please read and complete the following steps. Plan to begin a minimum of 12 weeks prior to your proposed start date to complete the necessary paperwork and get everything approved from the institution and the North Carolina Medical Board, especially if you are coming from out of state.

Your first step is to contact the individual program that you are interested in joining to determine if they will accept you and to confirm the dates of the visiting residency.

Application Process

  • First, contact the UNC training program in which you would like to rotate to see if they are able to host a visiting resident. If so, work with the Director and/or Coordinator to determine a mutually-agreeable rotation period no less than 3 months out.
  • Download and complete the Visiting Resident Application. Be certain to answer every question; note that both your home Program Director and the hosting UNC Program Director must have completed the relevant (last two) sections of Page 1 in order for the VR Application to be considered complete.
  • Submit (or have the PC submit) the electronically-completed and fully signed VR Application to the relevant GME Specialist and CC Kathryn Hill, who will work with your home institution to prepare a contract (Program Letter of Agreement, or PLA). Only UNC’s own standardized PLA will be accepted for incoming rotations.
  • Once your completed VR Application has been submitted to GME, work with your UNC GME Specialist to apply for a North Carolina resident training license (if you do not already have a NC license). Again, please allow at least 12 weeks for the NCMB license application process.
  • Complete the following forms and email them to your UNC GME Specialist:
    • UNC Hospitals Confidentiality Statement
    • UNC Hospitals Code of Conduct Attestation
    • UNC Hospitals ID Badge Request Form (Skip any unknown fields, such as PID and Department Number.)
    • UNC Hospitals Parking Application (OPTIONAL. Again, skip any unknown fields – GME will fill them in.)
    • An up-to-date copy of your Curriculum Vitae (including your current training program)
    • A copy of your malpractice insurance coverage certificate – must cover your rotation dates and indicate minimum coverage of $1 million per occurrence/$3 million annual aggregate.
    • A copy of your ECFMG Certificate (only applicable if you are a foreign medical graduate)
    • Visiting Resident LMS modules – your UNC GME Specialist will send you more information regarding these mandatory online training modules within 30 days of your rotation start date

Please note that UNC Hospitals requires all visiting residents to be fully trained in relevant EPIC@UNC systems before they can begin clinical work. Questions about the exact training requirements should be directed to the Program Coordinator for the program you will be visiting.

If you have any other questions, please contact the GME Office.

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