Salaries & Benefits for Residents

This page provides resident benefits and salary information for potential applicants to UNC Hospitals' residency training programs.



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Current Salary Scale:
Post Graduate Level

Annual Salary
(Thru 6/30/2022)

Annual Salary
(Effective 7/1/2022)

PGY1 $57,158.40 $58,587.36
PGY2 $59,196.80 $60,676.72
PGY3 $61,339.20 $62,872.68
PGY4 $64,230.40 $65,836.16
PGY5 $67,080.00 $68,757.00
PGY6 $69,659.20 $71,400.68
PGY7 $70,075.20 $71,827.08


Post Graduate Year Determination
Stipend levels for trainees entering programs beyond their first core residency training program will be determined on the basis of the number of accredited years required by the ACGME for eligibility in that program regardless of any other advanced or GME training the trainee may have completed.

Salary Funding

While officially classified as temporary, full-time employees, residents and subspeciality residents are exempt from the State Personnel Act and are not subject to classification by the Office of State Personnel. Funding for resident and subspeciality resident salaries is provided from several sources. Some residents and subspeciality residents are funded by UNC Hospitals, while others are paid from clinical funds, grants and other outside sources, such as military branches and Veterans Administration Hospitals.

Social Security
According to federal law, you are covered by the Social Security Act, and will be required to contribute to this program through payroll deduction.

Income Taxes
As employees, North Carolina and federal income taxes will be withheld from your payroll check. You will receive a W-2 form from the Payroll Department annually in January.

The Hospitals and University are set up to directly deposit paychecks into checking or savings accounts with almost any bank or credit union in North Carolina. UNC Hospitals requires all employees to participate in direct payroll deposit. Residents and subspeciality residents on UNC Hospitals' payroll should turn in a UNC Hospitals request form to the Office of Graduate Medical Education. Direct deposit takes one pay period to implement. Residents and subspecialty residents on UNC Hospitals' payroll are paid on a biweekly basis.

Veterans Administration Benefits
UNC Hospitals is approved to enroll veterans, participants, military, and other eligible persons in the ACGME approved residency training programs under provisions of Titles 38 and 10 United States Code.


The Benefits Guide for the 2022-2023 year, effective July 1, 2022, can be found at this link. The Guide contains comprehensive information on GME benefits.The Guide contains comprehensive information on GME benefits.”

Supplemental Disability Insurance

An individual disability insurance policy with guarantee issue underwriting has now been made available for individuals at University of North Carolina Hospitals in the GME program. Below are some features of the program.

Disability Policy Highlights & Available Benefits:

  • True Own Occupation Definition of Total Disability
  • 15% Discount
  • Unisex rates
  • Enhanced Residual Disability
  • Indexed Cost of Living Rider
  • Purchase Options
  • Family Care Benefit
  • Student Loan Rider
  • Catastrophic Disability Benefit Rider

For more information on eligibility requirements and full plan details, please review the information at this link or contact Chris Mitta using the information below

Christopher L. Mitta
(919) 872-8666

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