House Staff Council

The House Staff Council is the self-governing body and representative body of the interns, residents, and fellows of the University of North Carolina Medical Center (UNCMC).

Mission Statement

The UNC House Staff Council serves to advocate for trainee well-being, to foster a collegial community of trainees across specialties, and to empower residents and fellows to be agents of change.

We provide house staff representation on major UNC institutions' committees, including the Medical Staff Executive Committee, Medical Center Improvement Council, GME Committee, Professional Liability & Advisory Committee, Mortality Review Committee, PLC Case Review Committee, and Hospital Infection Control Committee. In so doing, the Council provides input into policies on patient care, the community, and decisions affecting the house staff, such as the efficient use of house staff time, and salary and benefit planning.

We also represent the house staff in broader issues concerning their working conditions and well-being. For example in recent years, the Council has addressed house staff health care issues; conducted hospital-wide surveys on work-hours, supervision, and educational debt of house staff. We are also involved in affecting quality-of-life improvements, such as on-call meal tickets, lobbying for childcare facilities, and retirement funds. The Council sponsors educational seminars along with leadership and professional development workshops.

In addition, the Council hosts social events to bring together residents from all departments. 

Get Involved

To be effective, the Council needs the participation and assistance of all members of the house staff. Each department should plan to have a representative attend our quarterly meetings. House staff interested in serving on the Council should contact an HSC representative at one of the emails below. Your suggestions and comments are necessary and always welcome. Feel free to contact the officers of the HSC directly.