Ethics Education Service

What kinds of ethics education services do you offer?

We offer presentations on a variety of clinical ethics topics, available by request, to hospital staff, students and UNC faculty. We also offer presentations throughout the community. In addition to the fundamental issues in ethics that arise in patient care, we also often teach on topics regarding communication strategies, disruptions in patient care, connections between ethical issues and patient safety, and the various methods for ethical analysis. We employ lecture, small group discussion, embedded ethics on rounds, and workshop models to accommodate a variety of learning styles.

What are examples of ongoing ethics education series?

There are currently a variety of ongoing series; some are sponsored jointly by the HEC and the UNC Center for Bioethics:

General Interest:

  • Clinical Ethics Grand Rounds, a monthly presentation devoted to issues in clinical care, health care delivery, and health care organizational ethics.

Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Education: Scheduled sessions devoted to issues that students and residents identify as ethical dilemmas, as well as participation in rounds. The consultation director and a physician co-direct each series.

  • PICU Ethics Series
  • MICU Ethics Series
  • NCCC Ethics Series
  • Emergency Medicine Series
  • Pediatric Resident Series

Hospital Staff: Ethics education for hospital staff offered in a variety of settings by members of the HEC

Respiratory Therapists:

  • Respiratory Ethics Series

Nursing Series:

  • NCCC Ethics in Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Residency Orientation
  • Nursing Oncology Core Ethics in Nursing Practice
  • New Hospital Employees: Introduction to the HEC

Does the HEC offer internships?

Our one year unpaid HEC internships offer practical experience to graduate or postgraduate students in bioethics. For more information, please call 919-843-1470.

Resources for Clinical and Research Ethics

Contact Us

To request assistance from the ethics education service of the Hospital Ethics Committee, please call 919-843-1470. Calls will be returned Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.