Apply for Clinical Pastoral Education

For intern and resident applications, UNC accepts the standard ACPE application, which is downloadable here. Persons interested in Certified Educator CPE can read more about that process below. Applications can be faxed to: 919-843-0330, mailed, or e-mailed the following address:

Clinical Pastoral Education Program
Department of Pastoral Care
UNC Hospitals
101 Manning Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(984) 974-4021

When emailing your application, our preference is to receive application materials in .pdf format.


UNC uses a rolling admissions policy. Students are encouraged to apply early as applications are taken until the unit is full. The application fee is $25, and can be submitted with your application. Make checks out to UNC Hospitals.


The application deadline for the residency program is December 31st.
Interviews are scheduled from December through February, and decisions are made mid-February. The application fee is $25, and can be submitted with your application. Make checks out to UNC Hospitals.

Application Tips

UNC's Clinical Pastoral Education programs are competitive. The following are tips for completing your application:

  1. Each essay question should not exceed 5 pages; however, a paragraph or two per question typically will not be long enough.
  2. Be courageous when considering which information to disclose. Remember, this is not a job you are applying for, but rather an opening in a specialized ministry preparation/development program.
  3. The helping incident you select to write about is often enhanced by writing dialogue in a verbatim form. You will also want to include a personal reflection paragraph or two at the end.
  4. Clear and concrete goals for ministry development are preferable to vague, abstract philosophies.

The CPE Interview

If you are invited for an interview at UNC Hospitals, you will be contacted by an ACPE Certified Educator to schedule the interview. You are encouraged to be 5-10 minutes early for your interview. Directions and parking information will be included with the interview confirmation email. We are typically able to reimburse your parking.

During the interview, you will be asked questions based upon your application. Interviewers may be the CPE faculty, staff chaplains, and other members of the professional advisory group associated with the CPE programs at UNC Hospitals. Interviews typically last about one hour.

Multiple factors go into the decision to accept or decline applicants. UNC Hospitals' CPE programs do not discriminate against any person on any grounds, and make every attempt to be inclusive and seek diversity in each training group. Depending upon the timeline for applicants and the beginning dates for a particular unit of training, it may be several weeks (or less) before all decisions about the upcoming training groups are made.

Certified Educator CPE Applications

The ACPE Certification Process has two parts to the admission process:

  • Part One: Application and acceptance to a local ACPE Accredited Center
  • Part Two: Application and acceptance to become a Certified Educator Candidate with ACPE

Applicants may begin the process by downloading and completing the Application for Certified Educator Programs (be careful to choose the Certified Educator program form, not the traditional CPE form) from the ACPE website. The first page of the form should be completed and emailed to UNC Hospitals at the address above and to the national office, per the instructions contained in the application. Upon receipt, the national office will send the applicant information about setting up the portfolio to upload their responses to the questions on page two of the application.

Admission to UNC Hospitals Certified Educator CPE Program includes the following criteria:
  • A completed Application for Certified Educator Programs
  • College graduation
  • Graduate theological degree or its equivalent
  • Ordination or commissioning to function as a spiritual care provider by an appropriate religious/spiritual authority as determined by ACPE. Individuals whose spiritual or religious community do not have ordination should email for more information.
  • Endorsement/statement of accountability from an appropriate religious/spiritual authority as determined by ACPE
  • Successful completion of a minimum of four units of Level I/Level II CPE
  • Demonstration of spiritual care and conceptual competence as evidenced by the attainment/completion of Level I/Level II Outcomes
  • Evaluation of the competencies for admission to a Certified Educator Program
Using the application materials that applicants have uploaded to their portfolio, our faculty will conduct an initial assessment of each applicant’s suitability for admission and potential for becoming an educator. Acceptance into the UNC's program is distinct from acceptance to the ACPE Certification Process.

For a more detailed overview of this process, visit the ACPE website.

Need Help?

The CPE faculty at UNC Hospitals are ready to answer any questions you may have and can assist you with our application process. To discuss any of our programs, the application process, or what you can get out of a unit of CPE, contact us:

Clinical Pastoral Education Program
Department of Pastoral Care, UNC Hospitals
101 Manning Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Clinical Pastoral Education 2022-2023 Calendar

Dates are subject to change.

Summer Internships, 2022

May 25, 2022 – August 6, 2022 (11 Weeks)

Fall Internships, 2022

Fall 2022 – August 22 to December 16, 2022 (17 Weeks)

2022-2023 Extended Unit at WakeBrook

September 19th, 2022 – April 7th, 2023

Spring Internships, 2023

January 9 – May 5, 2023 (17 Weeks)

Summer Internships, 2023

May 30 – August 11, 2023 (11 Weeks)


CPE Residency 2022-2023

July 1, 2022– June 30, 2023

Residency applications are due December 31st for residencies that begin the following July 1st.