BLS Instructors

AHA Instructor Forms

Instructors use the forms below to register your classes with us, submit end-of-class rosters and request loaner equpment for your not-for-profit classes. Using these forms is required of all instructors effective January 1, 2013. You do not have to use these forms if you are teaching a class at the ALS Training Center.

How to use these forms

When you click on the links below, you are redirected to an online fillable form tool. Once you complete the information, it is sent vial email to us. Someone will reply using the email you include on the form to let you know we received your form.

BLS Class Registration Form
Use this form to register you upcomming BLS classes with us. This helps us to prepare in case we are requested to provide loaner equpment and to print cards for your classes. We ask that you register your class with us no less than five days prior to the class. When we receive the form via email, we will reply to let you know we have it.

Online Class Reporting Form
Use this form to report your class via our online roster tool. Once you complete the roster, it will automatically email to ALS Programs. There is also an option for you to print the roster after it is complete.

BLS Class Reporting Form - MS Excel (.xls) Format
Use this Excel spreadsheet as a class sign-in sheet. Do not submit it to us.

BLS Supply/Equipment Loan Request Form
Use this form to request supplies/equipment for your not-for-profit BLS class. We can provide equipment on a limited basis for BLS classes taught in the greater Orange County area. Instructors must come to the Training Center to pick up equipment and return it after their class. All returned equipment must be returned cleaned, disenfected and ready for use. When we receive the form via email, we will reply to let you know we have it.

Class Forms
American Heart Association Student Evaluation Form
Every student attending a BLS class not taught at the ALS Program Training Center must be given this form to complete. Instructors maintain these forms with their class files.