Recreation and Play Areas

N.C. Children’s Hospital Play Facilities

The N.C. Children’s Hospital offers a variety of play facilities including the Play Atrium, Teen Activity Center, Music Room, and play-waiting areas. These all provide pediatric patients with a healing environment designed to assist children in adjusting to hospitalization and continuing normal development.

In order to provide safe and therapeutic play opportunities, play facilities are supervised by a professional staff member who also assesses and provides children with specialized interventions to address play needs.

The Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation’s Robbie Page Play Atrium

The Sigma Sigma Sima Foundation’s Robbie Page Play Atrium features a relaxing park, quiet reading and resting area, a Kidzpace game system with six different video game stations, and a theater system.

The Charles Goren Music Room

The Charles Goren Music Room allows patients and their families to express themselves through music.

With the supervision of a full-time Senior Child Life Specialist and a part-time music therapist, children can create music CDs or individualized relaxation, hypnosis, story or guided imagery tapes to assist in the management of pain, stress or anxiety.

The music room also features a CD & G karaoke machine, a digital recording studio, a teaching keyboard, digital and conga drums, a guitar and a wide assortment of rhythm instruments.

The Jason Clark Teen Activity Center and Game Room

The Jason Clark Teen Activity Center and Game Room is designed specifically for teens so they can relax and have fun outside of treatments.

The Teen Activity Center features a kitchen, big screen TV, video games, computers and a DVD player. The Game Room has a pool table, air hockey table, video games, Bike Racer game, and Carolina Basketball Pop-a-Shot.

The Alan Davis Stiles, MD, Lookout Terrace

The Alan Davis Stiles, MD, Lookout Terrace provides a safe and secure outdoor recreational space that enables children with serious medical conditions to go outside with all the medical equipment they may require.

Located on the 7th floor of the N.C. Children’s Hospital, the space consists of five areas themed after North Carolina’s natural places:

  • The Mountains - Designed with a focus on palliative care, the mountain-themed area is intended to be a peaceful and serene place of meditation and togetherness.
  • The Forest - The forest-themed area features a large tree for shade and many large planters to give patients and their families the feel of the great outdoors.
  • The Meadow - With its own friendly neighborhood turtle and butterflies, the meadow-themed area is the most versatile for patients and their families.
  • The Beach - Complete with its own pirate ship, this area offers visitors a ‘day at the beach’ experience. From dolphins to lounge chairs, families can experience a taste of the Atlantic year-round.
  • The Sunroom - The Sunroom is an enclosed room with the feel of a summer beach house. With comfortable seating and plenty of light, this room provides a cozy feel for those seeking an outdoor experience on even the coldest of days.

Recreational Therapy Room

The Recreational Therapy Room is used for one-on-one and small group treatment interventions including infant developmental stimulation.