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We understand the importance of keeping in touch with friends and family during your stay at UNC Medical Center. We also know the value and additional comfort that entertainment provides while you are away from home.


Telephones are located in every patient room.

To make a local call, dial ‘9’ followed by the number.

Long distance calls must be charged to a personal calling card or credit card. To make a collect, credit card, or third-party call: dial ‘9’, then ‘0’, followed by the number, then provide your billing information to the operator.

TDD (telecommunication device) and telephones equipped with volume amplifiers are available upon request.


Most patient rooms are equipped with a television. In addition to local and cable broadcasting, you may enjoy movie channels (specific to families, children, and in Spanish) and educational programming.

Closed-captioned viewing is available for patients who are hearing impaired. If your television does not have the closed-caption option, or if you have any additional problems, please alert your nurse.

Hospital channels are listed below.

Channel Network/Description
4 NBC  
5 ABC  
6 PBS  
8 CW  
9 FOX  
10 Univision
12 ION  
19 Service Channel  
20 Local
21 CNN  
22 Fox News Channel
24 HLN
25 CNBC  
26 Bloomberg  
28 The Weather Channel
31 ESPN2  
32 ESPNews  
34 ESPN Classic  
35 Fox Sports Carolinas
36 Fox Sports 1  
37 NBC Sports Network  
38 Golf Channel
39 NFL Network  
50 Discovery Channel  
51 Animal Planet  
52 TLC  
53 USA  
54 TNT  
55 TBS
56 A&E  
57 Bravo  
58 HGTV  
59 Food Network
60 Travel Channel  
61 National Geographic  
62 Science  
63 History  
64 Comedy Central  
65 E!  
66 BET
67 FX  
68 Syfy
69 Lifetime
70 BBC America  
71 AMC  
72 TruTV
73 MTV


81 Nickelodeon  
82 Cartoon Network  
83 Freeform  
90 Telemundo  
200 - 215 UNCH ED
300 UNCH Movie Channel
301 UNCH Movie Channel
302 UNCH Movie Channel
303 UNCH Movie Channel
304 UNCH Movie Channel
305 UNCH Movie Channel
Music Channels
400 Music Choice: Kidz Only!
401 Music Choice: Throwback Jamz
402 Music Choice: Rock Hits
403 Music Choice: Gospel
404 Music Choice: MC Indie
405 Music Choice: Hit List
406 Music Choice: Party Favorites  
407 Music Choice: Today's Country  
408 Music Choice: Hip Hop Classics  
409 Music Choice: Rap  
410 Music Choice: Hip Hop R&B  
411 Music Choice: Classic Rock  
412 Music Choice: R&B Classics  
413 Music Choice: R&B Soul  
414 Music Choice: Alternative  
415 Music Choice: Metal  
416 Music Choice: Rock
417 Music Choice: Reggae
418 Music Choice:Soft Rock
419 Music Choice: Pop Hits
420 Music Choice: Y2K
421 Music Choice: 90's
422 Music Choice: 80's
423 Music Choice: POP Rhythmic
424 Music Choice: Dance/Electronica
425 Music Choice: Contemporary Christian
426 Music Choice: Pop Latino
427 Music Choice: Classic Country
428 Music Choice: Romances
429 Music Choice: Sounds of the Season
430 Music Choice: Country Hits
431 Music Choice: 70's
432 Music Choice: Solid Gold Oldies
433 Music Choice: POP Country
434 Music Choice: Tropicales
435 Music Choice: Mexicana
436 Music Choice: Soundscapes
437 Music Choice: Smooth Jazz
438 Music Choice: Toddler Tunes
439 Music Choice: Stage & Screen
440 Music Choice: Tenn MC
441 Music Choice: Musica Urbana
442 Music Choice: Love Song
443 Music Choice: Adult Alternative
444 Music Choice: Jazz
445 Music Choice: Blues
446 Music Choice: Singers & Swing
447 Music Choice: Easy Listening
448 Music Choice: Classical Masterpieces
449 Music Choice: Light Classical


Newspapers are available in the hospital gift shop.

You may also take advantage of our newspaper delivery service by requesting a newspaper from your nurse.