At UNC Hospitals, we treat voice disorders in several different ways, including:

  • Medical Management - further testing and medications
  • Surgery - usually considered when voice therapy will not help the particular voice disorder, or when improvement via voice therapy plateaus
  • Voice therapy - a patient-centered method of treatment aimed at modifying specific behaviors that contribute to voice disorders or voice misuse, or that in some way limit the functional, daily use of your voice

At UNC Hospitals Hearing and Voice Center at Carolina Crossing, we will work with you to treat your voice disorder by:

  • Applying principles of vocal hygiene to your daily voice use, such as reducing environmental and behavioral factors that may damage your voice.
  • Practicing therapeutic exercises designed to change the way your vocal folds vibrate, such as: postural adjustments, training in breathing techniques, specific neck and throat relaxation exercises, or muscle training exercises that improve the efficiency and output of your vocal system.
  • Developing vocal awareness training, called auditory training, to help you develop the ability to differentiate between your new and your old voice.
  • Practicing your new voice in everyday speech to help integrate your new voice into your daily life.

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