New Graduate Nurses

New Graduate Nurse Positions will be posted throughout the year based upon unit openings.  Postings will be titled to indicate start dates throughout the year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter).    You are strongly encouraged to view our list of unit descriptions (excluding rehab and dialysis) to gain a better understanding of each nursing unit located at our UNC Medical Center (Chapel Hill), Hillsborough Campus (Hillsborough) and Wakebrook Campus (Raleigh).

New Graduate Nurse applicants are defined as:

  1. Nursing student in final semester of nursing program or;
  2. Nursing graduate within 12 months of graduation; and
  3. RN who has worked less than 6 months as a registered nurse.
Application process:
  1. Applicants will submit an application(s) directly to the unit representing their strongest interest.
  2. Tips to assist with your search:
    • Keyword- RN New Graduate Nurse;
    • Facility- UNC Medical Center (includes Hillsborough and Wakebrook);
    • City- Chapel Hill, Hillsborough or Raleigh.
  3. Applicants are strongly encouraged to attach a single resume and single cover letter outlining their top two choices of areas to work.
    • Please include your nursing clinical rotations; include the facility name; type of unit; and number of clinical hours.
    • Shadowing experiences separate from actual clinical rotations are not counted as clinical hours.
  4. Applications will be screened and if selected, applicant will receive a call to discuss unit(s) of interest and possible interviews. A maximum of two interviews is possible.
    For questions about specific clinical areas, please contact:

Mailing address:
Nursing Employment Office
UNC Health Care
Hedrick Building, Suite 1097
211 Friday Center Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27517