Meet Our Team

Mary Quezada, Director, Women's Health Information CenterMary Quezada, BSW, MMI

Health Education Director


Mary Quezada has been living in North Carolina since 1992. She and her family are originally from Venezuela and Chile. Since arriving in NC, she has been working in public health, and has dedicated many years to HIV/AIDS and STIs education, counseling and management under CDC guidelines. She also worked as a representative for a Breast Cancer National Research Study conducted by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Mary is excited about having the opportunity to assist individuals and families in finding health information to help them make informed health decisions.

Heidi Romero Quesada

Childbirth Education Coordinator

Heidi Romero Quesada, Childbirth Ed. Coordinator, WHIC

Sue Duronio, BA, MAHRM

Childbirth Education Coordinator
984-974-8882Sue Duronio, Childbirth Ed. Coordinator, WHIC


Zaina Kuseybi, WHIC Volunteer

Zaina Kuseybi
Maternity tour guide,
Ready-Set-Baby educator