Artist Exhibit

Current Artist 

Ashley Fromm

Title: Blooming Colors of Life

Artist Statement

Art is how I communicate. I enjoy creating art because it gives me a way to take what is occurring within and around me and put it into a form that I can share with others; for me art conveys what words cannot.

As someone living with Bipolar Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder, I feel fulfilled when others share that my art evoked emotions within them because it gives me a sense of connection to others that I don’t always feel with words.

Art is not just a form of coping for me, art is my passion. I once saw myself only as a scientist, I now see myself as a scientist who uses art as their language. From the use of color to describe physical and emotional pain, rather than the traditional numeric scale, to the symbolic representation of depression and the struggle to build self-compassion, I am able to share my journey with my supportive family, community, and many dedicated doctors, nurses, therapists and other health professionals. 

Without art as an outlet, I would feel lost and defeated because art helps me navigate my mind and body. Art has no limits, no labels, and can hold the complexity, uncertainty, and ever-changing nature of living with mental illness.

By Ashley Fromm 


Application for Exhibition

Please fill out the following form if you are interested in displaying your art at our center on the ground floor of N.C. Women’s Hospital. We have three distinct areas to show artwork. Once the form is completed, someone from Women’s Health Education Center will contact you about what months are available.

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