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DoulaBirth Partners exists because of the generous doulas who collaborate to offer their services to families giving birth at UNC Medical Center.

We are a diverse community of approximately 50 volunteers with a variety of backgrounds and interests. Our group is made up of a dynamic mix of individuals from local university campuses and long-standing community members from the greater Triangle region. We are all passionate about helping others in meaningful ways!

When you arrive at the hospital, your nurse will contact the doula in-house for the day. Please read through the bios below so that you can begin to get to know the doulas and have an idea of the amazing individuals who are prepared to support you during this important life event!

If you are interested in volunteering for our Doula program or are interested in becoming a doula, learn more on our Volunteer page.

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Rhonda LanningRhonda Lanning, RN DNP CNM LCCE IBCLC

Birth Partners Program Director
Associate Professor, UNC School of Nursing

Rhonda serves as the program director for Birth Partners. Trained as a doula and certified as a nurse midwife, childbirth educator and lactation consultant, Rhonda is a committed leader in the program. She divides her time between teaching students at UNC School of Nursing and working closely with the Birth Partners program. Rhonda has developed a strong team within Birth Partners which includes volunteer doulas, student interns, community leaders and an advisory council to the program. Rhonda feels that a committed, supportive presence during labor and birth is a human right, not a privilege. Under her leadership, Birth Partners has taken considerable steps to increase access to doula care. Rhonda recently completed her doctoral studies at Duke University, where she focused on a project expanding doula services to the operating room. You can read her published article here

Reviewed by Rhonda Lanning on June 19, 2020

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