UNC Medical Center Women's Center Visitation Policy

Due to coronavirus/COVID-19, ONLY ONE designated visitor/birth partner will be allowed in with patients from arrival through postpartum stay. Doulas will be allowed to accompany a laboring mother in addition to the designated birth partner. 

The support person/birth partner is only allowed to leave the building once in a 24 hour period after the patient is admitted. They should bring both their labor and postpartum bag with them into the hospital. 

Birth Center

When you choose to give birth at UNC Medical Center, you’ll experience family-centered care in one of our comfortable and private birth center rooms. Enjoy care from a compassionate team committed to following your birth plan as closely as possible and making your experience special.

Hospital Preregistration

Complete preadmission forms during a prenatal visit to save time when you come to the hospital to have your baby.

Labor & Delivery Suites

If you’re delivering vaginally, spend your labor and delivery in a comfortable, private suite with a Jacuzzi tub.


You may have up to three visitors, plus a doula, while you’re in labor. When it’s time to deliver, your support person and your doula can remain in the room. The rest of your visitors can wait in a nearby waiting room.

If you wish to have your child present during your baby’s birth, talk to your provider and register for the sibling class and tour during your third trimester.

Postpartum Suites

After you deliver your baby, move to a spacious and private postpartum room, where you’ll stay until you go home. Your room will have a pull-out couch for an overnight guest to sleep comfortably and a bathroom with a shower.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

If your baby is born premature or needs additional care, they’ll stay in our Level Ⅳ NICU, which has experience caring for the tiniest and most critically ill babies.

Antepartum Unit for High-Risk Pregnancies

Before you deliver your baby, you may stay in our antepartum unit if you need to be hospitalized because of a pregnancy-related health concern. During your stay, you can receive educational information on childbirth and parenting if you’re unable to attend pregnancy and parenting classes.

Safe & Secure Environment

Rest assured, we have a security system and policies in place to keep you and your baby safe. You’ll stay in a locked unit to provide a secure environment for you and your family. Your baby will only receive care by individuals wearing special identification.

Birth Center Visitor Policies

To protect all babies, anyone who is not feeling well is not able to visit. All visitors must wash their hands before touching your baby. Children under 12 years old must have an adult with them at all times.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. One adult may spend the night with the new mother. Anyone who needs to see you outside of visiting hours needs a pass from your nurse.

Visitor Services & Amenities

Your family members and friends will appreciate our convenient hospital gift shop and cafeteria, located near the Women’s Pavilion. After you give birth, invite them to visit you in your postpartum room.

Women’s Health Information Center

Visit the Women’s Health Information Center (WHIC) library for educational information on women’s health or use as a quiet place. You’ll also find a private lactation room and a local art exhibit.

The WHIC is on the ground floor of N.C. Women’s Hospital and is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Tour the Birth Care Center

Search the calendar and register for a tour of the birth center where you'll deliver your baby.

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