Pregnancy & Birth Care

When you’re expecting, rely on UNC Medical Center for compassionate maternity care that puts you and your baby first.

Why Choose UNC Medical Center

Get the best care for you and your baby because N.C. Women’s Hospital is a:

  • Baby-Friendly® birth facility – Recognized for our commitment to encourage mother-baby bonding through breastfeeding
  • Level IV neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) – The highest level of care for premature or critically ill newborns
  • One of the 100 hospitals and health systems with great women’s health programs by Becker’s Healthcare

Expert Prenatal Care Providers

At UNC Medical Center, you can decide the type of provider you’d like to partner with based on your preferences and medical history. Select from specialists, including:

Benefit from additional emotional and educational support during your labor and delivery by asking for a doula when you arrive to have your baby.

Personalized Maternity Care

Receive personalized care throughout your pregnancy and the birth of your baby. Expect your care team to:

  • Listen to you and answer your questions
  • Promote skin-to-skin care and bonding with your newborn
  • Provide safe and high-quality care
  • Respect and follow your birth plan as closely as possible

Pregnancy Nutrition

Your doctor may have you work with a nutritionist at UNC Medical Center during your pregnancy. You’ll learn about proper nutrition for you and your baby and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy.

Horizons Program

If you’re pregnant or a new mother and are worried about your or your partner’s substance or alcohol use, turn to the UNC Horizons Program.

Birth Center

You and your family will enjoy the private and comfortable environment of our maternity center. Rest assured, we have a security system and policies in place to keep you and your baby safe.

Pregnancy & Parenting Classes

Participate in our birth care classes to help you prepare for childbirth and parenting. Enjoy learning from trained educators who take the time to answer your questions.

Find a Provider

Search our network of providers for a maternity care specialist.

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