2017 Doula of the Year

2017 Doula of the Year

Congratulations to Joya Bland, our 2017 Doula of the Year. Pictured here between Judith Webb, board leader and Rhonda Lanning, Program Coordinator.

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Interested in becoming a UNC Volunteer Doula?

Are you a trained and experienced doula?

Thank you for considering serving as a volunteer doula. We would love to hear from you. Please click on the link below to carefully review our program requirements and access our doula application.

Are you considering doula training?

You will find information about the role and work of a doula at We plan to offer our next doula training January 2019. This training is intended for individuals who think they might like to volunteer in our program. There are no pre-requisites to the training and it is offered over one weekend.

Doula Application

If you would like to join our interest list please email for more information!

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteering with our program is a longer term commitment. Our volunteers:

  • must go through the process of becoming a UNC healthcare volunteer
  • must be able to commit at least 9-12 months of volunteer time
  • must be available to take two 12-hour shifts per month (either 6am-6pm or 6pm-6am)
  • attend a monthly doula program meeting

What our volunteers say...

“I love the idea that there is a group of people, volunteers, who are willing to drop everything to help a woman in labor, and that they're committed to staying by her side until she delivers. In that way, Birth Partners is one of the most beautiful expressions of teamwork and dedication I have ever seen.”

“Doulas can change the way a mother or a new family enters into parenthood by encouraging her active participation in her labor, acting as a source of non-medical support, and reinforcing their positive memories of the birth experience.”

“I love the UNC Birth Partners because it's a volunteer program. It's truly a privilege to serve women from all backgrounds and to assure them that their needs during labor and birth are important. I also love that UNC Birth Partners encourages doulas to form a community where it is safe to share your experiences. In a position where you're providing selfless support to others, it's nice to feel comfortable reflecting on these experiences with other doulas.”

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