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Mom and Baby

“The doulas helped me through intense contractions, helping me with breathing, holding my hand, giving me sips of water and preparing and cleaning the tub for me. They were amazing and I know for sure God-sent. I couldn’t have done it without them.”



Caring for families since 2001

The doulas of the Birth Partners UNC Volunteer Doula Service Program are committed to helping every laboring person have a satisfying birth experience at N.C. Women's Hospital. We believe that a doula's caring support helps an individual have a more positive birth experience, regardless of the type of labor and birth experienced. In addition, it is our goal to foster friend or family participation (when applicable) and to help establish breastfeeding for those who choose to breastfeed. We are particularly proud to be able to offer these services to individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford doula care.

Learn more about the Birth Partners UNC Volunteer Doula Service Program.

Requesting Support

I am in labor now – Once you arrive at the UNC Women’s Hospital, tell your nurse or provider that you would like a volunteer doula. They will contact the volunteer doula on the unit for the day/night!

I have a date for a scheduled cesarean— We can help! Many of our doulas are trained to attend and comfort individuals during cesarean births and assist in initiating skin-to-skin in the OR and throughout recovery. Tell your nurse or provider at your pre-op appointment that you would like a doula present or e-mail us directly.

I am pregnant and would like to request a doula at my birth – If you are pregnant, will be coming to UNC Hospital for your labor, and would like to speak to a program representative, please e-mail inquiries to us or browse this website for more information.

I recently gave birth and would like to reach my doula – Congratulations! Please e-mail us with any feedback, questions, or if there is anything we can do to connect you to postpartum support!

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