Birth Control & Family Planning Services

Receive confidential birth control and family planning services at UNC Medical Center in North Carolina.

Birth Control Options

Turn to the compassionate experts in reproductive health at UNC Medical Center to discuss your options to prevent pregnancy, including:

Ending a Pregnancy

Trust UNC Medical Center for safe, private, compassionate abortion services. Your experience will be very much like a trip to your regular health provider because our clinic is fully integrated into NC Women’s Hospital Clinics. This increases your confidentiality.

Rely on us for support, counseling, and care before and after your procedure.

72-Hour Waiting Period

North Carolina law requires that you receive counseling by a physician or other qualified health professional at least 72 hours before you terminate your pregnancy. When you make an appointment at our clinic, you’ll be given a time at least 72 hours before your visit when a doctor will call you.


Most insurance policies cover birth control and abortion services. If you need help paying for services, ask about financial assistance.

If You Are a Minor

In the state of North Carolina, you can receive medical care for contraception and testing for sexually transmitted infections without your parent’s or guardian’s consent if you’re younger than 18. You must have your parent’s or guardian’s consent for an abortion procedure.

Get Care

Talk to your doctor about your options for preventing pregnancy, or call 984-974-8955 to make an appointment at the Family Planning Clinic.

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