Meet Our Patient Support Team

It takes a caring team of specialists to make organ transplant surgeries a success. At UNC Medical Center, we want you to focus on your health. Our patient support team alleviates stress by assisting with a variety of tasks and helping you regain your health.

Personalized Care from Your Patient Support Team

Members of your patient support team get to know you well. We consider you and your loved ones part of our family. These specialists are dedicated to making the transplant process as worry-free as possible:

  • Transplant coordinators: Serve as a liaison between you and your transplant team and guide you through the transplant process
  • Program assistants: Schedule appointments, lab tests, procedures and transplant class registrations
  • Pharmacists: Provide information and answer questions about transplant medications, including immunosuppressants
  • Anesthesiologists: Protect your health while you undergo transplant surgery
  • Infectious disease specialists: Provide care to people with compromised immune systems
  • Mental health counselors: Help you and your loved ones cope with stress, anxiety, depression and other challenges
  • Social workers: Connect you and your loved ones with support groups and community resources and help you through the transplant process
  • Financial assistance coordinators: Assist with billing issues, insurance, and Medicare or Medicaid
  • Registered dietitians: Recommend healthy dietary changes to manage disease and support organ function
  • Physical therapists: Oversee exercises to help you maintain and regain strength before and after a transplant
  • Pastoral care: Offers emotional support and spiritual guidance

Accommodations Near UNC Medical Center

We make every effort to schedule multiple appointments on the same day to help you get the most out of your time here. When needed, our patient support team can help arrange short- and long-term accommodations. Lodging options include:

Contact Us

Call [number] to find out more about our transplant program at UNC Medical Center.

Contact Us

To make an appointment for an evaluation for transplant candidacy, call the department that applies to you. Ask your physician for a referral before you call.

  • Heart: 866-862-4327
  • Lung: 984-974-7589
  • Liver: 919-966-2516
  • Kidney: 844-862-5436
  • Chronic Pancreatitis and Autologous Islet Cell Transplant: 919-843-4559