Kidney Transplant Surgery

A new kidney can get you off of dialysis or keep you from needing the treatment altogether. At UNC Medical Center, our kidney transplant team’s primary goal is to improve your health and quality of life.

We are nationally renowned for our skill in kidney transplants. Our surgeons have performed more than 2,300 kidney and kidney-pancreas transplants since 1968, translating to a high level of expertise.

Kidney Transplant Surgery: What to Expect

If you are receiving a kidney from a living donor, we will schedule the surgeries at a time that works best for everyone involved. If you are waiting for a kidney from a deceased donor, you will get a call from your transplant coordinator when a compatible match is found.

Surgery for a kidney transplant usually takes about four hours. The procedure may take longer if you are getting a kidney along with a pancreas or heart. After surgery, specialists in transplant care help monitor your recovery.

While in the hospital, you meet with a pharmacist who specializes in transplant medications. This expert will provide information about the immunosuppressant drugs that you must take daily to prevent organ rejection.

After a Kidney Transplant

Your kidney transplant team wants to make sure you enjoy a long life with your new kidney. We offer ongoing medical support to you and your community physician. Your post-transplant care plan includes:

  • Periodic testing: After discharge, testing helps ensure the new kidney functions properly. For your convenience, you may get these tests at a local provider or at Pardee UNC Health Care. We also offer post-transplant care at our UNC Kidney Clinic in Asheville.
  • Physical therapy: You can start a therapy regimen, either through UNC Health Care’s rehabilitation services or with a local provider. Physical therapy helps you regain strength and stamina.

Patient Support Services

Throughout the transplant process, dedicated kidney transplant coordinators provide hands-on support. These coordinators are part of your patient support team. We help alleviate your stress by assisting with accommodations, billing, emotional support and more.

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Pediatric Transplants

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