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Pulmonary Physical Therapy

UNC Pulmonary Physical Therapy is for patients with any pulmonary diagnosis including asthma, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, Cystic fibrosis and pre and post Lung Transplant. Patients referred by their physician will receive a full evaluation of their current status and goals followed by a plan to help them reach their goals, keep them healthy and out of the hospital. Their walking tolerance, breathing patterns, strength, flexibility, oxygen needs and airway clearance needs are all evaluated and addressed.

Patients receive education on the lungs, lung disease, the benefits of exercise, smoking cessation and breathing and relaxation techniques. Patients are screened for nutritional needs and education is provided, as well as a referral to medical nutrition, if appropriate and covered by their insurance.

What to Expect with Pulmonary Physical Therapy:

Pulmonary physical therapy typically involves therapy visits 1-3 times per week for eight weeks, with a range from 4-12 weeks depending on the involvement of the patient. Most patients are seen for 1:1 specialized care; however, occasionally small groups of similar patients are formed. All therapy sessions aim to improve walking tolerance, overall endurance, strength, flexibility, breathing and relaxation with a plan to transition all of the patients to independent exercise routines.

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