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Driving Evaluations

Our Occupational Therapists will perform a driving evaluation using a driving simulator.

What to Expect With Driving Rehabilitation:

The evaluation will include 3 paper standardized tests that are related to road driving performance and using the driving simulator. This evaluation will look at your memory related to driving, problem solving, physical abilities, reaction time, and driving judgement. The driving simulator has a driver seat with typical car controls and 3 computer screens to simulate looking out the window of a car.

Occupational therapists do not have the ability to take a driver’s license away. We will make recommendations based on your results.

Results may include:

  • You do not need any other evaluation and show the ability to safely continue with driving
  • You need an on road driving evaluation
  • You are not safe to drive at this time

We will tell you the results at the end of your evaluation. The results will be sent to your doctor.

What to Bring:

  • Glasses that you typically wear while driving
  • Driver’s license

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