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    UNC Orthopaedics

    Whether it's mountain biking, running or yoga, UNC Orthopaedics helps you stay active.

UNC Orthopaedics

UNC Orthopaedics can help you keep doing the activities you enjoy. Our team of orthopaedic specialists is here to help whether you have an acute sprain, sports injury, or chronic tendon issue.

  • UNC OrthoNow is a convenient walk-in service for acute strains and sprains, joint pain, sports injuries and possible fractures.
  • The UNC Orthopaedics Sports Medicine team offers innovative and minimally invasive treatments to help you recover from sports injuries so you can get back to the action.
  • The Tendon Treatment Program focuses on the evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic tendon injuries.

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Call for Same-Day Urgent Care

Call 919-843-4711 for same-day orthopaedic urgent care appointments at OrthoNow.


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OrthoNow offers same-day orthopaedic visits for acute sprains and strains. Visit My UNC Chart to schedule an appointment online or call 919-843-4711.

Visit OrthoNow for:

  • Acute sprains and strains
  • Joint pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Possible fractures


  • Monday - Thursday
    8:00am - 7:00pm
  • Friday
    8:00am - 5:00pm


  • Carolina Pointe II
    6011 Farrington Road
    2nd Floor, Suite 201
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517
  • Weaver Crossing
    1181 Weaver Dairy Road
    Suite 110
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Learn More about OrthoNow Services

Sports Medicine

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Find out how our leading sports medicine team, official orthopaedic providers of UNC Athletes, can help you.

Our Services:

  • ACL reconstructions
  • Multi-ligament reconstructions
  • Treatment of articular cartilage injury, including microfracture, OATS, allograft, or Carticel
  • Osteotomy and partial/total knee arthroplasty
  • Arthroscopic surgery for meniscus and meniscus transplants
  • Management of shoulder pain and rotator cuff disease
  • Rotator cuff repair including revision surgery and tendon transfers
  • Comprehensive management of shoulder instability
  • Reverse and conventional total shoulder arthroplasty including resurfacing, hemi-arthroplasty, and total shoulders
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound

Learn More about the Sports Medicine Program

Tendon Treatment Program

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The Tendon Treatment Program is a comprehensive diagnostic, monitoring and treatment program that provides patients with access to the latest medical and technological breakthroughs.

Ultra Sound Tissue Characterization:

Our providers may use conventional imaging, MRI, CT or Ultrasound Tissue Characterization (UTC). UTC is a device that converts a regular ultrasound image into a color enhanced 3D rendering that can detect the stages of wear on the tendon fibers based on structural changes within the tendon.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing:

Using UTC, we are able to provide patients with tendinopathy a precise structural evaluation by examining the state of the tendon down to the level of individual fiber bundles. This approach enables us to identify exactly where the problem is and how damaged the tendon is or isn't. As a result, we can tailor treatment to your specific problem.

Treatment Options:

Treatments may include passive monitoring, rest, physical therapy, bracing, injections or minimally invasive surgery.

Learn More about the Tendon Treatment Program

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