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Sleep Disorders

Sleep is essential to good health and poor sleep leads to increased health costs and a lower quality of life. Sleep disorders produce a wide range of health and behavioral manifestations and decrease your ability to function clearly during the day.

The UNC Sleep Disorders Center within the UNC Medical Center provides care to patients who have a wide range of sleep-related disorders and offers a variety of behavioral, pharmacological, surgical and device-related therapies to improve the symptoms and the long-term health effects. The Sleep Center also offers subspecialty services such as a restless legs syndrome clinic, sleep-related surgeries, sleep dental device options, and biofeedback behavioral therapies.

This program serves all ages and is dedicated to the treatment of all sleep disorders. Although the program is primarily housed in the UNC Department of Neurology, the team incorporates providers from across several specialties. The goal of the center is to improve the lives of patients with sleep disorders.

Common Sleep Disorders

Nearly one in three individuals endorse one of the major sleep complaints. These complaints range from:

  • daytime fatigue
  • memory loss
  • restless legs
  • insomnia
  • unusual nocturnal events

Common Procedures

The UNC Sleep Disorders Center offers multiple testing procedures for patients including:

  • overnight sleep studies;
  • studies to treat sleep related breathing disorders and determine settings for devices that assist in sleep related breathing;
  • daytime studies to evaluate sleepiness and ability to maintain wakefulness;
  • out-of-center sleep monitoring studies.

Our goal is utilize these studies to get the correct diagnosis and then determine the right treatment.


The UNC Sleep Disorders Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as a full service sleep center. It is also one of the first ACGME accredited programs for residencies in sleep medicine and performs innovative sleep research.

Learn More

A physician’s referral is required for sleep disorder care at UNC Medical Center. For more information, talk to your doctor or visit the UNC Department of Neurology website.

Related Locations

For Physicians

Please refer your patients to the UNC Sleep Disorders Clinic for an initial consultation and complete evaluation. Call 984-974-4401 for more information.

You may also refer your patients directly to the sleep laboratory for testing by calling 984-974-3294.