Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction

close up of cigaretteWhile smoking rates in the United States have declined over the last few decades, the Center for Disease Control & Prevention reports that 17.8% of men over the age of 18 currently smoke cigarettes. Among these men, Erectile Dysfunction is a common complaint.

Numerous studies have documented the improvement of erectile function when a
smoker stops smoking. One such study One such study observed men in an 8-week smoking cessation program that combined a nicotine transdermal patch with counseling. After the program's conclusion, the men who successfully quit smoking reported significant improvement in their erectile function. This held true for even long-time smokers.

To learn more about the diagnosis and management of Male Sexual Dysfunction, learn from UNC's Dr. Carson Culley in this video.

If you or a loved one is having trouble quitting smoking, take the time to
schedule an appointment with a primary care physician who can help you
through the various options that are available or visit UNC’s Tobacco Intervention Programs.

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