Advanced Imaging Lab

The UNC Medical Center’s Advanced Medical Imaging Lab offers a variety of image post-processing services to support clinical evaluation, diagnosis, and pre-operative planning. The Lab is staffed by 3D Technologists whose work is driven by approved protocols as well as on-demand requests under concurrent physician supervision.

The 3D Lab’s current scope of practice for post processing includes:


  • Vascular studies for clinical evaluation with positive findings for pre-operative planning and post-operative follow up [standard protocol]


  • Liver segmentation and volumes from CT and MRI studies for lesion treatment. Tumor volumes can be done with scheduled direct physician supervision [on demand]


  • Vascular studies for clinical evaluation [standard protocol]
  • Craniofacial reconstructions for preoperative planning [on demand]
  • Virtual 3D model of the brain with subdural grid placement for preoperative planning [standard protocol]


  • Measurements for Cardiac and AP TAVR pre-operative planning [standard protocol]
  • Measurements of PVs and virtual model of LV for EP pre-operative planning and surgical navigation [standard protocol]
  • Cardiac post processing and EF measurements clinical evaluation [standard protocol]


  • Musculoskeletal post processing for clinical evaluation, pre-operative planning and post-operative follow up [on demand]


  • Virtual airway flythrough from CT studies for non-invasive clinical evaluation of the airway [on demand]

Contact Us

Advanced Imaging Lab hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Please call 984-974-0076 for priority requests, on demand services, or any other post-processing related questions.