Available Volunteer Opportunities at UNC Hospice

  • Administrative/Clerical
    With answering phones, scanning, computer data entry and look up, filing, mailing, making packets, stuffing envelopes, delivering, picking up, copying, making special packets, etc.
  • Companion Care
    Volunteers are requested from Chaplains & Bereavements Coordinators to visit with bereaved people who need additional grief support.
  • Family Support Volunteers
    Provide respite, emotional and household assistance to hospice patients and their families.
  • Pet Therapy
    For volunteers recognized by a pet partners program (coming soon)
  • Music By the Bedside
    Volunteers provide soft music by the bedside for patient that is both soothing and calming to the patient
  • Sewing Project/Lap blankets/pillows
    Volunteers sew and are distributed to patients to bring comfort and love to our patients
  • Community Partners
    Volunteers provide talks and educational materials for community events , civic groups, faith communities, and other organizations on end-of-life care issues
  • Special Events
    Volunteers that assist with special projects, fundraisers and more.
  • Flower Project
    Volunteer deliver flowers arranged by other volunteers on a weekly basis.
  • Eleventh Hour
    Volunteers who are able to provide last minute respite for families. This can be sitting with a patient during the final hour when patient has no family or an unexpected event comes up and a volunteer is need.

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