Malformation Clinic

Vascular malformations are abnormalities of the blood vessels: veins, arteries, lymphatics, or some combination. Most are benign conditions present at birth, but some may progress to create problems later in life.

The UNC Malformation Clinic is unique in that it’s the only clinic in the Southeast to bring together specialists from 14 medical departments—both pediatric and adult—on a regular basis to meet and discuss treatment options for patients with vascular malformations. All of the physicians are here on the UNC Health Care campus, allowing for a seamless referral from one specialist to another.



Hematology/Oncology: Stuart Gold, MD
Dermatology: Dean Morrell, MD
Plastic Surgery: John van Aalst, MD
Cardiology: John Cotton, MD
Pulmonary: George Retsch-Bogart, MD
GI: Katherine Freeman, MD
Neurosurgery: Matthew Ewend, MD
General Surgery: Daniel von Allmen, MD
Urology: Richard Sutherland, MD
Head and Neck: Carlton Zdanski, MD, Austin Rose, MD
Anesthesia: Robert Valley, MD, Eileen Tyler, MD
Genetics: Cynthia Powell, MD
Orthopedics (Pediatric and Adult): Bob Esther, MD


Cardiology: Cam Patterson, MD
GI: Ian Grimm, MD
Genetics: John Evans, MD
Vascular Surgery: Joe Fulton, MD, Peter Ford, MD


VIR: Joe Stavas, MD
Pediatric Radiology: Lynn Fordham, MD

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Call the Heart & Vascular Center referral line at 866-862-4327 to find specialists, make an appointment or learn more about preventing heart disease.

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