Heart Health

If you experience chest pain, call 911 and seek medical help immediately.

To reduce your risk of developing heart disease, take advantage of preventive services available at UNC Medical Center. Find the support you need to achieve your best heart health by preventing, uncovering and proactively treating the causes of heart conditions—before they turn serious.

Heart Health Services

Get help to control high blood pressure at UNC Medical Center’s Hypertension Clinic.

Learn about managing cholesterol at UNC Medical Center’s Lipid Prevention Clinic.

Choose the Women’s Heart Program at the UNC Heart Center at Meadowmont and learn about your heart health and actions you can take to stay healthy.

Men’s Heart Program

Erectile dysfunction (ED) in men can indicate the early signs of underlying heart disease. The presence of high blood pressure and high cholesterol increases the likelihood of ED.

Nutrition and Exercise Counseling

If your physician recommends lifestyle changes to decrease your risk for heart disease, you’ll get expert assistance and support at UNC Wellness Centers.

Visit with our registered dietitians to create an eating plan that meets your health goals while including foods you enjoy. Or make an appointment with a certified personal trainer to develop a safe and effective exercise plan tailored to your wellness goals and current health condition.

Cardiac Genetic Testing

If a family member lives with a cardiovascular disease, you may be at risk for heritable heart and vascular conditions. Specialized genetic testing and counseling offers more information so you can seek proactive treatment and stay in the best possible health.

You’ll learn about your risk for conditions that have a genetic component as well as discuss how family history affects you. If necessary, we also can perform clinical diagnostic imaging tests.

Concerned you may already have a heart condition? Learn more about our diagnosis and screening services.

Contact Us

Call the Heart & Vascular Center referral line at 984-974-2900 to find specialists, make an appointment or learn more about preventing heart disease.

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