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Carolina Air Care is a CAMTS accredited critical care and emergency transportation agency serving North Carolina and surrounding areas. Our assets are comprised of four helicopters, an airplane, as well as a fleet of ambulances – all operating 24 hours a day.

Helicopters are owned and operated by Air Methods, Inc., an FAA certified air carrier. -- (Certificate # QMLA253U)

If you have any safety concerns, you can anonymously report to the following numbers or sites:

Our Teams

Helicopter bases are located in Burlington, Aberdeen, Goldsboro, and Rocky Mount. Rotor wing aircraft are staffed with one nurse and one paramedic. They respond to both emergency scene requests as well as interfacility transfers of critically ill patients.

Ground ALS and Critical Care Transport services are based out of UNC Hillsborough Hospital, Aberdeen, and our TriCenter office. Ambulances carry the same medical equipment as the aircraft and often the same medical crew configuration.

The Pediatric Neonatal Specialty Care Teams care to the smallest of our patients. The team is comprised of a nurse and respiratory therapist during air transports, with the addition of an ambulance operator during ground transports, who can be an EMT, paramedic, RT, or nurse.

Our fixed wing program provides care to patients that need to travel farther distances both in and out-of-state. These include repatriation from other states, and sometimes internationally such as Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Flightwatch is the communications center responsible for receiving requests for interfacility and emergency scene call responses. They triage patients, dispatch both aircraft and ground units, as well as coordinating arrivals/departures at the UNC Medical Center helipads.

The Education Team ensures that the high standards of Carolina Air Care are maintained through continuing education, evidence based medicine, equipment training, high fidelity simulations, research studies, and new hire assessments.

Logistics is responsible for equipment inventory, maintenance, and supply distribution. They also work with crews on equipment feedback, ergonomics, and testing.

Community Services

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Carolina Air Care was established in 1986 as an extension of UNC Memorial Hospital. UNC created a Critical Care Transport service to include an Adult Critical Care Transport Team, which established a Hospital Based Flight Program with versatility to respond to both pre-hospital scene requests and interfacility [hospital to hospital] services, as well as a dedicated pediatric/neonatal team. Over the last 35 years, we have transported more 120,000 patients. Our medical teams bring the highest level of care normally provided in an ICU or trauma unit to the patient wherever they might be.

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Chapel Hill Helicopter Landing Protocols

  • The UNC Medical Center helipad coordinates are N35 54.26 W79 02.95
  • Notify Flightwatch with an updated ETA, at a minimum of 15 minutes out. Call two minutes out from UNC Chapel Hill to receive winds and information regarding traffic in area utilizing LZ Central, 123.050 or 123.025. This is the preferred order.
  • All visiting aircraft will land on South Pad unless otherwise directed. Visiting aircraft should not land until given clearance by Carolina Air Care Flightwatch. Make sure to contact Flightwatch via radio prior lifting to obtain clearance along with updated traffic and wind information.
  • If more than two aircraft are coming to UNC within a few minutes of each other, the aircraft with the least critical patient will be asked to either “hot offload” or orbit in a holding pattern until landing clearance is given.
  • Aircraft may be asked to reposition to the UNC Hillsborough helipad (N36 02.19 W79 05.54) until space is available.
  • Fuel – ONLY 15 gallons are available for emergency situations. This should be communicated with Carolina Air Care Flightwatch.
  • Be aware there is a high volume of fixed and rotor wing traffic in and around the entire campus at Chapel Hill, especially on game days. Please pay close attention to any NOTAMS.
  • Carolina Air Care Flightwatch expects full read back and following of all instructions.

Landing Protocols

Request services from UNC Carolina Air Care

Call: 1-866-TEAM-UNC [866-832-6862] or 984-974-2944.

Flightwatch Fax: 984-974-3510


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