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Carolina Air Care is a CAMTS accredited critical care and emergency air and ground transport agency for the citizens of North Carolina and surrounding states. To fulfill this mission we operate four helicopters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from four locations within the state, Chatham Hospital in Siler City, Aberdeen Fire Department in Aberdeen, Wayne UNC Health Care in Goldsboro, and Nash UNC Health Care in Rocky Mount. We also have fixed wing capabilities to transport patients from farther distances.

UNC Carolina Air Care’s helicopters are owned and operated by Air Methods, Inc., an FAA certified air carrier. Certificate # QMLA253U.

UNC Carolina Air Care's fixed wing aircraft are operated by Jet Logistics Inc., an FAA certified air carrier. Certificate #ZP7A427J.

If you have any safety concerns, you can anonymously report to the following numbers or sites:

UNC Carolina Air Care is proud to announce re-accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) on April 22, 2019.

Our Teams

We provide care for patients of all ages from neonates to geriatrics via three modes: ground, helicopter (rotor wing), and jet (fixed wing). The four rotor wing bases care for pediatric and adult critical patients from other facilities and emergent patients from a scene. Adult ground services are conducted out of three locations: Aberdeen, Hillsborough, and RDU airport. Pediatric/Neonatal services operate from the RDU airport location and out of UNC Hillsborough Hospital.

Lastly, we also provide fixed wing services for adult and pediatric patients in farther locations of NC and other states.


Carolina Air Care has been providing transport services to the citizens of North Carolina since 1986. UNC created a Critical Care Transport service to include an Adult Critical Care Transport Team, establishing a Hospital Based Flight Program with versatility to respond to both pre-hospital [scene] requests and inter-facility [hospital to hospital] services, as well as a dedicated pediatric/neonatal team. Over the last 32 years, we have transported over 60,000 patients.

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  • Carolina Air Care Helicopters

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Chapel Hill Helicopter Landing Protocols

  • Call on UHF Frequency REC- 461.875 PL 103.5 and Transmit 466.875 PL- 103.5 (old UNC ER radio) with an updated ETA, minimum of 15 minutes. Call 2 minutes out from UNC to receive winds and other traffic in area.
  • If no response use LZ Central, 123.050 or 123.025. This the preferred order
  • All visiting aircraft will land on South pad unless otherwise directed. Visiting Aircraft should not land until given clearance by CAC flight watch. Make sure to contact CAC Flight watch on UHF frequency prior to lifting off to obtain clearance to land.
  • If more than 2 aircraft are coming to UNC within 10 minutes of each other, the aircraft with least critical patient will be asked to land at Horace Williams Airport (KIGX). They will stay hot until given clearance to come to UNC on UHF frequency
  • Fuel – ONLY 15 gallons are available for emergency situations. This should be communicated with Flight Watch before taking on fuel. Monitor Horace Williams Airport (KIGX) for Part 91 traffic. 123.00
  • Be aware there is a high volume of fixed and rotor wing traffic, in and around the entire campus at Chapel Hill, especially on game days
  • Helipad coordinates: N35 54 26 W79 02 95
  • CAC Flight watch expects full read back on all instructions issued by CAC flight watch.

Landing Protocols

Request services from UNC Carolina Air Care

Call: 1-866-TEAM-UNC [866-832-6862] or 984-974-2944.

Flightwatch Fax: 984-974-3510