If you think you might be experiencing difficulty hearing, you could be right. Hearing loss affects people of all ages. Hearing loss can range from mild to total. Hearing loss can affect both ears or may affect only one. Hearing loss can occur gradually over years, or it can occur suddenly without warning. Infants may be born with hearing loss, or may develop hearing loss in early childhood.

Hearing loss is the third most common chronic health problem in seniors, behind hypertension and arthritis. Hearing loss may be permanent, or it may be reversible. Fortunately, today there are many options for managing the difficulties caused by all types and degrees of hearing loss.

Audiologists at UNC Medical Center are members of a much larger group of hearing health professionals that make up the UNC Ear and Hearing Center. The audiologists at UNC Medical Center are prepared to evaluate hearing and provide guidance in the most effective management of hearing loss from newborns to senior patients.

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