Group Therapy

Abstinence-Based Groups

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the evidence-based model used in these groups.  An Abstinence-Based Groups is for individuals whose goal is to remain abstinent from drug/alcohol use or to attain abstinence from drug/alcohol use. Abstinence-Based Groups are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Men's Group

Our therapists meet with the men’s group Mondays from 4 to 6 p.m. to help them acknowledge and safely manage emotional reactions to significant life experiences.  A Cognitive Behavioral approach is used to enable men to develop healthy alternatives to coping with life experiences, whether they are past experiences or current events.

Women's Group

On Tuesday evenings we offer group meetings specifically for women who have experienced traumatizing events. The evidence-based Seeking Safety model is the therapeutic approach used in this group.

Stages of Change Group

On Wednesday evenings, the Stages of Change Group meets with individuals who may not be interested in abstinence from substance use entirely. Individuals that attend this group may be looking for an opportunity to explore their options with regards to moderate use or harm reduction. The evidence-based model, Motivational Interviewing/Stages of Change Model, is applied in this group.

Multi-Family Group

Loved ones are an integral part of the solution and positive support system for a person making changes with substance use. The Multi-Family Group brings multiple families together to receive support on topics of addiction, recovery and the family system.  In this group, families will learn effective ways to support one another and the person healing from substance abuse. Additionally, the Multi-Family Group gives individuals the opportunity to heal through education, skill building, connection and community.

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