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Are you concerned about identity theft and how to protect yourself? Have you been putting off writing a will for one excuse after another? METLAW® is a legal services benefit offered by Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife® company. If employees enroll in this benefit then they will be able to access legal services for these and other issues.

This benefit is available to employees for a low bi-weekly deduction of $8.25. The plan covers representation for many personal legal services for you and your eligible dependents (eligible dependents are your spouse/domestic partners, and unmarried dependent children).

METLAW Program Details


Do you Know the Facts about the Importance of a Will?

FACT: If you do not have a Will, the laws of your state will direct how your property will
be divided and a court will decide who will become the guardian of your children.
FACT: If you already have a Will, but over the years your income has changed, you’ve purchased or sold a home, or you’ve had children, then you need to update your will.
IT’S A FACT: If you only use MetLaw® to have your Will prepared or updated this plan year, this benefit will be of significant savings and value to you and your family.

*Average cost of a Will Preparation package for you and your spouse = $1,000.00.
*Annual cost of MetLaw is $188.88, or just $15.74 per month through payroll deductions for 2017 and $16.50 a month for 2018.

New Home

Are you considering purchasing a new home this year?

If you plan on buying, selling or refinancing a home this year this plan will be a major benefit to you.

The average cost for legal fees when buying, selling or refinancing a home = $450.00 - $1,000.00. The cost of MetLaw® - the UNC Health Care is only $15.74 a month for 2017 and $16.50 a month for 2018.

Buying a new home can be a dream come true! But, unless you get the professional help you need, it can also become a nightmare. Purchasing a home is one of the most important and expensive decisions of your life. Without the protective eye of an attorney to look after the details and your best interests, you may find yourself with some unexpected and costly pitfalls.

MetLaw® - the UNC Health Care Legal Plan can help you protect your rights. A local Plan Attorney will review your documents to make sure your rights are protected and will even accompany you to the closing if necessary.

Identity Theft

What is Identity Theft?
Identity thieves may use your personal information to open unauthorized credit cards or loans, establish phone or other utility service, open bank accounts, create counterfeit checks or obtain employment. Financial loss and credit damage are the most devastating effects of identity theft

How MetLaw® Can Help:
As a participant in MetLaw, if you should become the victim of Identity Theft, our network of attorneys will be able to assist you with consultations regarding potential creditor actions resulting from identity theft and attorney services as needed to contact creditors, credit bureaus and financial institutions. It also provides defense services for specific creditor actions over disputed accounts. The defense services include limiting creditor harassment and representation in defense of any action that arises out of the identity theft such as foreclosure, repossession or garnishment, up to and including trial if necessary.

Tips on Preventing Identity Theft:
Awareness and prevention are the best ways to avoid the consequences of identity theft. To prevent credit card theft, you should carefully monitor your bills, ensure your credit cards are not out of your sight too long (for example, at a restaurant or department store), and report the theft of a card, or receipt of an inappropriate bill, as soon as possible. Other tips are available by logging on to Hyatt Legal Plans’ web site.

Typical Family Savings for Basic Legal Needs

Wills for Employee and Spouse $540.00
Medical Powers of Attorney $75.00
Sale or Purchase of a Home $1,000
Home Refinancing $500

TOTAL without Legal Plan $2,115.00

Enrollment in Hyatt Legal Plan for one year $189 for 2017 and $198 for 2018.

Total Savings $1,926!