Change in Marital Status

Applies to

All benefit eligible employees whose marital status changes due to Marriage, Divorce, or Legal Separation.


A change in marital status allows an employee to make appropriate changes to his or her benefits. An employee may add or remove dependents from benefits as appropriate. Changes will be effective on the first of the month after the marriage, divorce or legal separation is final.

Change to the Health Insurance & NCFlex Benefit Elections (Vision, Dental, etc)

  • Changes must be initiated within 30 days of the dependent’s change in eligibility, but preferably as soon as possible. If the change increases your insurance premiums, catch-up deductions may apply.
  • Employees may use the State Health Plan Change online to add or remove their children from their policy. Click here for instructions. Select life event “Change in Spouse Employment” and enter Date the change occurred.
  • If the employee is not currently enrolled in the State Health Plan, he or she may submit enrollment on the State Health Plan Enrollment online.
  • If the employee is adding dependents to his or her coverage or enrolling for the first time, he or she should also upload documentation for proof of dependents. Click here for dependent verification instructions.
  • Please visit the Employee Benefits Web site for current rate information and bear in mind that Health Insurance premiums are collected one month in advance. Catch-up deductions may apply.
  • Once completed, employees should print a Benefit Summary Report for their records.
  • Employees may call 1-888-860-6118 for assistance with the Web site.

Changes to MetLife Life Insurance

All benefit eligible employees who wish to enroll in, cancel, or make a change to their Metropolitan Life Group Term Life Insurance Policy should log in at:

Employees may enroll in, change, or cancel their MetLife Life Insurance policy at any time, for any reason. A Qualifying Life Event is not required as this is an after-tax plan.

Change Instructions

All forms and instructions may be found online at:


Mary got married on May 17.  Mary would like to add her spouse to her Health, Dental and/or Vision insurance to be effective on June 1st.

 Mary will complete and submit the State Health Plan and NC Flex changes online to add her spouse to the Health Insurance, Dental and Vision, making sure to click "Edit due to Life Change".

Mary will have until June 16 to initiate the changes, but should submit the changes as quickly as she can to avoid a delay and large premium adjustments.  Mary must upload a copy of her marriage certificate within 30 days of the marriage; otherwise spouse will be dropped from coverage if documentation is not received.

Beneficiary Changes

Employees may wish to update their beneficiary designations; please make changes at

Name and Address Changes

Employees may wish to update their name and address.