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Accident Claim - Form Available Online Now

Until recently, to file an NCFlex Accident Insurance claim employees would first call LifeHelp, the customer service for Voya. Now, you can simply access the new online form on NCFlex website and follow these simple instructions:

1. Download the "Accident Insurance Claim - Employee/Member" claim form from

2. Complete the form as outlined on the claim form.

3. Gather any additional supporting documents as instructed under the Claims Checklist section.

4. Submit your completed and signed form, and any supporting documents using your preferred method listed below.

  • Submit your claim through secure upload by going to (select Contact & Services > Claims Center > Upload a Claim).
  • Mail to the address provided at the top of the claim form.

If employees have any questions about the claims process, call 1-877-464-5111.

2019 Supplemental Retirement Limit Increase

If you are currently maxing out contributions to a 401k or 457b, you will need to complete new paperwork for the January payroll to increase your contribution to the new maximum.

For 2019 the maximum contribution to either of these accounts will be 19,000 (currently it is 18,500). For employees age 50 or older, you may contribute an additional 6,000 (no change from 2018). Since deductions are made over 24 pay periods, to max out for 2019 at an even contribution level, that amount is 791.67 (under 50); or 1,041.67 (50 and over).

If you contribute to TIAA or Fidelity on a supplemental basis and would like to increase your contribution for 2019, complete the form here. If you participate with Prudential, you should contact them directly to modify your amount for 2019, either through your online account access or by phone at 866-627-5267.

State Health Plan Member Focus newsletter

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Please note: As UNC Health Care has expanded across North Carolina, the need for a term to refer to the Chapel Hill assets on the overall system website became apparent. The UNC Medical Center logo and references, is a term that will be used to refer to State employees that work in the following UNC Health Care facilities: UNC Hospitals and its clinics; UNC Faculty Physicians’ clinics; and the Hillsborough Campus. Please note that on all Human Resources webpages, forms, and documents you will still see “UNC Health Care” term that is referencing the three above mentioned facilities.