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Recent Numbered Memos

Recent Numbered Memos

Significant changes pertaining to test performance or availability, or to Administrative functions within the McLendon Clinical Laboratories and the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine are announced via departmental Numbered Memos which are distributed throughout the Hospitals and Health Care System.

These memos also will be made available at this site in Portable Document Format (.pdf files).

Micro #182 December 17, 2018

Genetic Testing for Primary Immune Deficiencies (SCID, HLH, ALPS, Hyper IgE, Hyper IgM)

Admin #83 December 17, 2018

Explanation of Organizational Structure and Responsibilities of Faculty in Genetic/Genomic Clinical Testing Services at UNC

Micro #181 November 29, 2018

Changes to Neisseria gonorrhoeae cultures

Core #148 November 12, 2018

Serum Free Light Chain Testing

Micro #180 October 8, 2018

Changes in EBV Viral Load testing Effective October 8, 2018

Core #147 September 25, 2018

Temporary Send Out of All Serum Free Light Chain Testing

Core #146 September 19, 2018

Change in Critical Result Threshold for Platelet Counts at UNCMC

Admin #82 September 18, 2018

Change in Directorship of Special Coagulation Laboratory

Micro #179 August 13, 2018

QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus Testing

TMS #71 (Rev) July 31, 2018

Scheduled Downtime for UNCHCS Transfusion Medicine Services' Computer System - August 14, 2018

Micro #178 July 5, 2018

Temporary Send Out of All Plasma EBV Viral Load Testing at UNC McLendon Clinical Laboratories

Core #145 June 25, 2018 Artifactually reduced aPTT due to Emicizumab (trade name Hemlibra)
Core #144 May 16, 2018 2018 Normal Range Changes for Coagulation Testing New Reagent Lots
Core #143 April 24, 2018 Changes to Hemoglobin A1c Reference Range
Micro #177 April 19, 2018 Changes to the BK Viral Load Testing Performed on Blood and Urine at UNCH
MolePath #24 March 15, 2018 Changes to FLT3 Testing in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

For listings of McLendon Clinical Laboratories & Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine numbered memos see Numbered Memo Archive. For Numbered Memos prior to January 1, 2008 - contact McLendon Clinical Laboratories Administration Office

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Note: Reference ranges provided on this web site are for guidance only, and may not reflect the most recent changes. Refer to laboratory reports for current reference data.

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