Important Information about Monkeypox from NC-DHHS (5/20/2022) to All North Carolina Clinicians and Laboratorians

Surgical Pathology

All specimens submitted to Surgical Pathology must be accompanied by a completed surgical pathology requisition which must include patient's name, MR#, physician's name, physician's number, physician's pager number and appropriate clinical history.

Most large specimens, and especially those which require lymph node dissection, must be submitted as soon as possible in an unfixed state. If after normal Lab hours, refrigerate the specimen to prevent autolysis of tissue. (Bring to the refrigerator in specimen processing area room 30242 CH).

Most small specimens should be placed immediately in a formaldehyde solution to prevent drying and autolysis. If there is any possibility that electron microscopy may be of diagnostic value in a particular case, a small portion or shave of the biopsy not thicker than 1 mm should be placed immediately in a special buffered solution fixative. This can be obtained from the gross room 3rd. Floor Women's and Children's Hospitals.

Slides from outside that are referred to this department for re-evaluation MUST be accompanied by the Outside Pathology Report to ensure correct slide identification.

Questions related to biopsies requiring special handling such as lymph node for suspected lymphoma, liver, renal, muscle, breast or other tissue for estrogen and/or progesterone receptors should be directed to the Surgical Pathology Resident on frozen sections.

Request for Frozen Section examination is scheduled by calling Surgical Pathology (984-974-1476). This examination will be performed by an Attending and Resident Pathologist (together) in the 3rd Floor Women's and Children's Hospitals frozen section suite. Tissue submitted for Frozen Section must be accompanied by a completed request form. There is emergency 24 hour coverage for Frozen Sections by a Surgical Pathology Resident and Attending. After 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday and on weekends and holidays, contact the Resident on-call through the Hospital Operator (984-974-4131). A Pathologist is also available to examine specimens grossly in the Operating Room and to provide surgical consultation. Excess tissue may not be released for special studies until gross examination has been performed by a Pathologist.

After 5:00 pm and on weekends and holidays, the Surgical Pathology Resident on-call can be reached through the Hospital Operator (984-974-4131).

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