Urinalysis with Culture Reflex

Urine Gray Top Tube

Specimen Type
(Needs BOTH tubes)

Test ID LAB5187
EPIC Order URINALYSIS with Culture Reflex
CPT Code(s) 81001, 87086 (UA, urine culture)
Group/Individual Test Group
Laboratory Core Laboratory/Clinical Microbiology
Tube Station Gray Top Tube (Culture) to 82
Pale Yellow (Urinalysis) to 30 (routine), 888 (STAT)
Specimen Routine:

Minimum volume:

  • Gray Tube: 3mL
  • Pale Yellow Tube: 3mL

NOTE: if Minimum volume cannot be obtained for each tube, send specimen in original collection cup.

Room temperature: Gray Top - Yes
Refrigerator: DO NOT Refrigerate Gray Top
Pale Yellow Tubes stable 8 hours refrigerated, 2 hours room temperature
Refrigerate original collection cup stable <8 hours.
Frozen: NO
Transport Deliver urine to lab within 1 hour of collection
Availability Routine: 24 hrs/day
Turnaround Time STAT 1 hr., Routine 2.5 hrs.
Reference Range Normal: See Urinalysis (UA) webpage for urinalysis reference ranges.
Criteria for Reflex:
Leukocyte esterase: Trace, 1+, 2+
Nitrite: Positive
WBC: >(greater than) or =(equal to) 5 wbc/hpf
Bacteria: Rare, Occasional, Few, Moderate, Many

Patients must meet certain criteria in order to have the urinalysis with culture reflex. Excluded patients include:

Patients who are < 5 years old
Pregnant women
Patients currently on antibiotics
Patients who are neutropenic
It will be the physician's responsibility to determine if these exclusion criteria apply.
The physician will still have the option to order a UA or urine culture separately.

Reviewed by Christopher Parker on November 15, 2021

Note: Reference ranges provided on this web site are for guidance only, and may not reflect the most recent changes. Refer to laboratory reports for current reference data.

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