Toxoplasma IgM

Tube Type

Test ID   LAB659
EPIC Order
  Toxoplasma gondii Antibody, IgM
CPT Code(s)   86778
Group/Individual Test   Individual
Laboratory   Clinical Immunology
Tube Station   30
Specimen Routine: 3 mL blood/Serum Separator Tube/Gold Top
Availability Routine: Monday-Friday
Turnaround Time   1-3 Days
Reference Range   Negative; See Important Comments

Specimens submitted for Toxoplasma IgM testing are assayed by a qualitative chemiluminescent immunoassay for the detection of IGM Toxoplasma antibodies in human serum.  IgM antibodies may appear as early as 5 days after infection, rise sharply and fall to low or undetectable levels with weeks or months in the majority of patients.  The test is intended as an aid in the diagnosis of acute/recent T. gondii infection.  T. gondii IgG testing should be performed in parallel with IgM testing.  Results are reported as negative, positive, or equivocal.  Equivocal results should prompt repeat testing on a sample collected 3 weeks later.  The combined interpretation and recommended follow up testing are as follows:

*except infants

NCCLS. Clinical Use and Intrepretation of Serologic Tests for Toxoplasma gondii; Approved Guideline. NCCLS document M36-A [ISBN 1-56238-523-2.

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