Rubella Immune Status Serology (IgG)

Tube Top

Test ID   LAB496
EPIC Order
  Rubella Antibody IgG
CPT Code(s)   86762
Group/Individual Test   Individual
Laboratory   Clinical Immunology
Tube Station   30
Specimen Routine: 3 mL blood/Serum Separator Tube/Gold Top
Availability Routine: Monday-Friday
Turnaround Time   1-3 Days

Specimens submitted for Rubella Immune Status testing are assayed using a qualitative, chemiluminescence immunoassay for the detection of IgG antibodies to Rubella virus in human serum samples. This test is primarily intended for the determination of immune status.  Results are reported as negative, positive or equivocal.  A negative result presumes that immunity has not been acquired.  If exposure to rubella virus is suspected despite a negative finding, a second specimen should be collected and tested one or two weeks later. Seroconversion from a negative specimen to a positive specimen is evidence of either recent infection, response to vaccination, or administration of immunoglobulins.  A positive result indicates that Rubella IgG antibodies of at least 10IU/ml are present.  This level of antibody is considered an indicator of immunity (CLSI I/LA6/A).   Equivocal results should prompt collection of a new sample for repeat testing.

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