Quantiferon TB Gold Plus

Container Type

Special Collection Kit: See Comments

Test ID LAB5902A
CPT Code(s) 86480
Group/Individual Test Group
Laboratory Clinical Immunology
Tube Station 30
Specimen Routine: 1 mL blood into 4 special collection tubes; See Important Comments
Availability Routine: 5x/week: Mon-Fri
Turnaround Time 1-5 days
Reference Range Normal: Negative
Interpretation Guidelines:
Nil (IU/mL) TB1 minus NIL (IU/mL) TB2 minus NIL (IU/mL) Mitogen minus NIL (IU/mL) QFT-Plus Result Report/ Interpretation
≤8.0 ≥0.35 and ≥25% of Nil Any Any Positive M. tuberculosis infection likely.
Any ≥0.35 and ≥25% of Nil
<0.35 OR ≥0.35 and <25% of Nil <0.35 OR ≥0.35 and <25% of Nil ≥0.50 Negative M. tuberculosis infection NOT likely
<0.35 OR ≥0.35 and <25% of Nil <0.35 OR ≥0.35 and <25% of Nil <0.50 Indeterminate Likelihood of M. tuberculosis infection cannot be determined.
>8.0 Any Any Any

THIS SAMPLE CANNOT BE DRAWN FROM LINES.  Call Immunology (984) 974-1815 for the collection kits for inpatients.  Call Outreach (984) 974-1810 for collection kits for clinics and affiliates.  Do not refrigerate; keep at room temperature. 

Order will generate five (5) specimen ID Labels, one for each tube in the collection kit and one for the Lab Specimen bag.  All four tubes in kit must contain specimen and be labeled.

Reviewed by Christopher Parker on December 09, 2021

Note: Reference ranges provided on this web site are for guidance only, and may not reflect the most recent changes. Refer to laboratory reports for current reference data.

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